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My last week


Tuesday: My boyfriend and I went to the pre-opening of Restaurant Congo in Copenhagen.

I was quite disappointed since the free bar wasn’t more than one drink. The bartender who was behind the bar claimed “I don’t do drinks” until he was asked to do so by another waiter/bartender. And no snacks as well. The opening was supposed to be from 5.30pm-02am. We were there from 9pm-ish and was told to leave at 11pm, because they wanted to close.

Not the best way to start off a new concept, but I hope it will be better!


Wednesday: I visited my friend and her sister in their appartment. We had a nice dinner and then decided to make our own cupcakes: Chocolate with marmelade in the middle and frosting with berries: So delicious!


Friday: I went to XO Burgers & Steaks for a delayed Christmas dinner with my parents, sis + her boyfriend and my boyfriend.


Risotto w. mushrooms.


My boyfriend is happy for his T-Bone steak!


Creamcheese brownie.

Thanks to my friend Miguel for arranging this dinner! Despite some few mistakes with our orders, it was an overall good experience. I will be back for the steaks!


One of my gifts from my dear sister: A cool handpiece.

Saturday: Went to the cinema to see “Witch Hunters” with my boyfriend and our friend. “Witch Hunters” is packed with action, but the story and the movie is not great at all.

Afterwards we went out for beer and cocktails: In the cinema, at BarBar Bar, at Brass Monkey and Butik Lize.

Sunday: Had some readings to do and then I relaxed with my boyfriend, movies and pizza.


This week I started thinking more about the changes that will be in my life in the near future…


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